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Meet May Tignall

Work Description:
Oil painting and pastels

I've been painting with oils for almost 30 years. I enjoy doing still life paintings, my grandchildren in landscapes, flowers and seascapes.

I attended Maryland Institute of Art, both in their continuing studies program and as a full­time student. For the last four years, I've been studying with a gifted landscape artist in Parkton, MD. I've also attended various artists' workshops in Ocean City, Havre de Grace, and Hudson River Valley.

For the past twenty years, I've owned property in Ocean Pines and Ocean City and have recently chosen to live full­time in the area. I became a member of the Worcester County Arts Council in 2014, and I am looking forward to meeting fellow artists.


If you enjoy it, you get better at it. You have to be persistent though. It's like golf; you may have some natural talent, but it takes determination, hard work and sticking with it to succeed. Sometimes it's frustrating when paintings fail, but I keep at it because of the feeling I get when a painting is a success.

When I first started painting in my early 40s, I had teenagers at home, and one of them said,"Haven't you figured out by now you're not any good at this?" But, I didn't let negativity stop me. You have to persevere.

I paint mostly for my own satisfaction. I enjoy painting what I find beautiful, which could be the color of an apple or the light in a sunset.


My father was an oil painter. He didn't pursue an art career, but he loved to paint winter scenes with cabins and snowy mountains. We used these 4 x 8 foot canvases as backdrops for our Christmas gardens. I was always in awe of my father’s work.

I was further inspired by my teachers at MICA who would say, “Wow,” when your work improved, or “This is crap,”
when a piece wasn’t that strong. They told it like it was, which helped me develop as an artist.


Although pastels are messy, they are fun and a quick tool to put down what you see. I like the feel of oil paint; it is like sculpting with a brush. I sometimes even paint with my fingers.

Related Experience

My love of sewing clothing for my children and grandchildren has led me to explore the world of quilting, which is enjoyable and relaxing.

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