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Meet Jeri Lipov

Work Description:
Jeri uses a variety of materials, including watercolor with pen and ink, pastels, watercolor pencils, and acrylics. Photography is another great love of hers – especially birds and grandchildren.

Jeri considers herself a storyteller, and she hopes that viewers enjoy the stories she provides with each painting. According to Edward Hopper, “If you could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint.” Since she lives near Ocean City, Maryland, much of her work is composed of traditional beach houses, shore birds, and the tropical vegetation of Maryland, the Carolinas, Florida and Hawaii. But she delves into more complex works as well.

Jeri grew up in Texas and even as a child she was entranced by the natural beauty found there – startling bluebonnets, fierce horned toads, and puffy white clouds in the expansive blue sky. The horned toads are gone now, extinct due to over development, so she carries with her an appreciation for how swiftly the variety of life on earth is changing.

Jeri always had the ability to draw well, so she spent a lot of time doing what she calls “doodling.” Even in elementary school, her ability was evident, when the class teacher asked Jeri to be part of a team which was asked to draw the outside of the school building. But as she grew, the busy-ness of life took over, and art took a back seat.

Columbia, Maryland, is where Jeri spent most of her adult life, and it was there that she raised her three children. When her children were independent and as retirement approached, Ms. Lipov decided to try her hand at watercolor painting. At the Columbia Art Center her first instructor, Dr. Morris Green, taught her to see light. He also passed on the techniques he had learned when he studied with Edgar Whitney, many years earlier. Whitney is one of the founders of modern American watercolor.

Life intervened again, so it was only after a lengthy gap and she moved to the Maryland shore, that she took up painting again. She worked with Don Griswold, who gently encouraged her talent and taught her the basics of composition.

The subjects that appeal to Ms. Lipov are ones that attracted her in her youth – the delicate flora and fauna around her. In order to convey Jeri’s sense of the fragility of the beauty around her, she uses line and color, with exquisite detail, to offer an exciting, original take on traditional subjects. Part of the appeal of Jeri’s paintings is her use of vivid color. She frequently mixes colors on the paper rather than the palette. In fact, rocks and even glass take on lavenders and reds in her work. As an artist, Jeri hopes to convey her sense of awe in every subject she paints.

Recent Work:
My "Dodge Truck" painting was one of 37 works that were selected from the more than 400 entries for the Art Institute and Gallery's first national competition last September.

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