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Meet Antoinette Greaves

Work Description:
Acrylic Painting

Growing up outside of Philadelphia, Antoinette Greaves' earliest memories are of drawing and making things, clearly a family tradition. In grade school her art teacher recognized her talent and focused on helping her develop it, arranging for her to take classes at the Philadelphia Museum of Art's Fleisher Art Memorial. Following high school, where she won numerous awards for her artwork, Antoinette was awarded a scholarship to attend the prestigious Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Both at the Academy and beyond, she studied oils, pastels, pencils, acrylics, watercolors, pen and ink, etching, and sculpture, focusing on figurative work and drawing particular inspiration from the work of Impressionist, Post-Impressionist, and Realist masters. Presently she favors painting, employing primarily acrylics on wood and canvas.

Marriage, children, and a move to the Boston area slowed down her art production for a while, until she began teaching art to students in grades one through six at her son and daughter's elementary school. Her renewed artistic practice soon led to her starting her own business creating meticulously detailed hand-painted furniture, working largely on commission, both with handmade pieces of her own design as well as restored vintage discoveries. Specializing in compositions incorporating trompe l'oeil effects, she also painted numerous murals in private homes. During this period her work was available at La Ruche on Newbury St., as well as several other highly regarded Boston area boutiques and galleries, and she exhibited annually at the Junior League's Wellesley Marketplace Craft Festival.

In 2004 Antoinette decided to retire in the Bethany Beach area, continuing to paint and draw, but primarily for herself, concentrating on landscapes and seascapes, mermaids, Delmarva's wild ponies, and local spots of interest. Recently she has begun to exhibit and sell her work again, and she has joined a few local arts councils in order to meet other artists and enjoy a new sense of community, having previously always worked alone. Today she is available for commissions, and she has eight portfolios of images to view upon request (a website is in the works.)


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